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Playing sometimes the role of moderator or scrum-master, I got tired of cutting people short when they take too long to explain their status of the day, or other members get into discussions about this or that.
I also felt unpolite, who am I to decide when you need to stop talking, even for the sake of the meeting's efficiency?

Hence I came up with the 30 seconds cards. It's a card the size of a poker card, but with a number 30 in the front, made of cardboard. I made a bunch so anyone in the team can use them. When someone raises it (it does not have to be the moderator, but anyone in the meeting) means that you have 30 seconds to wrap it up. Those 30 seconds provide invaluable time to people to finish the message they were trying to convey.
Whenever someone joins the meeting online, they can also type 30 or just say it and it has the same effect. It's working wonders for us.

This way the responsibility about time efficiency is shared, people can finish what they were discussing/saying, and I don't feel unpolite anymore!

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