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Discussion on: File Transfer Commands in Linux

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Oded Arbel • Edited on

Eh. Nitpicking:

  • sftp is using the SSH protocol, you should have mentioned that.
  • scp is an old way to use the SSH protocol to transfer files and is obsolete and should not be used. Also, I didn't understand the comment about "used after you ssh" - you most definitely can use scp from your local machine to a remote one.
  • ssh is not actually a file transfer command, though it can be used with pipes so we often pipe data from a file on one side to pipe it out to a file on the outer side - but more context would have been appreciated. If you mention SSH then nc would probably have been worth mentioning as well.
  • if you've mentioned ftp, then other "clients" are probably worth mentioning, such a curl and wget - both do anything that ftp does and more.

Lastly, there's a bunch of new stuff that is useful: croc and magic wormhole might be worth mentioning.

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Seb Author

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Can't wait for your content:)