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re: That being said, I think Iā€™m fine with features such as grammar checks are paid features but the basic definition dictionary should be free, which ...

Well, online German-German dictionary that we often use nowadays is Duden. Their German-German dictionary is free but their grammar check feature is a paid one.

Our go-to English-German (and vice versa) dictionary is Linguee. Their dictionary and basic translation service (better than Google Translate) are free as well. You can pay for more translation features.

Otherwise our English-English dictionary is Merriam-Webster, which is free but is riddled with ads everywhere. I guess that's how their finance their website.

My wife speaks Spanish and French as well. Not sure which ones are her online dictionaries.

Looking up for words in hard-copy dictionaries is cumbersome. In fact we haven't done that since years. That's why we're okay with ads and paid features.

Great, thanks, I will check them out!

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