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An Ultimate Guide on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft brings about enhanced control within the sales process, improved client satisfaction, and greater productivity by development, deployment, and supporting advanced CRM solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a greater part of the overall business strategy by incorporating sales force automation, marketing, business intelligence, management, service improvements, etc. This makes your organization have a robust system, that supports and helps you achieve business goals which are crucial to achieving success in this era.

What is Dynamics 365 and How it can help you?

Various small and large organizations are increasingly adopting a cloud-based ERP system to enhance their business processes. It offers increased visibility into core business processes and provides an optimization system. This is established via superior resource tracking and reporting database management and sharing of the data.

It is not only about profitability but it is essential to optimize the business processes to enhance the overall corporate experience vital for organizations to work efficiently.

With the implementation of Dynamics 365, your business can revolutionize The way You conduct business by acquiring data business process automation and customer engagement to the next level.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central was previously known as Dynamics NAV. It is an ERP solution developed to manage all the business processes from one point through an intuitive interface and a robust software engine, Business Central reaches all the modern business experience factors.

Business Central has been designed to work with small and medium-sized organizations that may have outgrown that entry-level accounting software. It is for the companies that are searching for a robust program for their back and business process management.

It is known as a single, end-to-end solution for the management of finances, operations, and customer care modules. With the implementation of Microsoft dynamics 365 business central, the company can easily switch up basic accounting software. The company can easily integrate with cloud services and offer customization for requirements using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

Benefits of the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central

An organization can reap various benefits which can change the way you work with your business processes and functions:

1. Quick Adoption of New Business Models:

Business Central is known for its scalability and will grow according to the growing requirements of the business. It ensures that your business can work efficiently and seamlessly with cloud services. Business Central also enhances the collaboration of teams from sales, service, finance, and operations for quick results delivery.

As you implement Business Central, it ensures that you can implement new business models with deployment flexibility, security, and reliability.

2. Streamlining the Data across the Organization:

All the data that goes back and forth within the departments of the organization that includes accounts, purchases, sales, inventory, etc can be streamlined. These departments also offer interconnectivity to achieve greater visibility and prevent unnecessary expenditures.

3. Business insights offer to increase Productivity:

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects teams, processes, insights, and helps you with a better decision-making process. It also offers embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability by MS 365 and MS teams.

Business Central offers in-built monitoring and management features that enable you to monitor and manage the projects and employees. This information can help you make strong financial decisions to help your business succeed.

4. Enhanced Financial Management and Analysis of Performance:

Businesses fail because of poor visibility of the cash inflow and outflow. Dynamics 365 can catalyze financial forecasting and enables you to see real-time performance analysis. It also fosters compliances and security across subsidiaries through Business Central.

The implementation of Business Central streamlines accounts, financial forecast, and visibility, and speeds up the financial reporting process. All of this is established while regular maintenance of regulatory compliance with the business process is carried out.

5. Increased Sales and Enhanced Customer Care:

With increased upselling, cross-selling, renewal possibilities, your business can enhance the revenue with information about all the customer interactions. Your organization can offer priority to the sales leads by the potential of the revenue.

Enhanced customer service by efficient management of the sales process through Microsoft Outlook and offering better results. With easy access to the client data, the management of customer service operations is effective. You can also predict the growing demands and respond better to customer inquiries.

6. Optimization of Inventory and Supply Chain Management:

Offers visibility with purchase, manufacture, inventory, and warehouse, which makes it easy to optimize inventory, product delivery, and adaptability to changing business models. With a clear view of inventory, the organization can use sales information to predict stock-outs, generate effective production plans, and create purchase orders.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Features:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with the following set of features:

1. Intuitive and Fresh User Interface:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with a fresh and intuitive yet familiar interface that offers customization. This customization can be applied with role-specific views, user personalization, and smart notifiers. All these features make it easy to use. A user can access its rich feature set on various platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

2. Effortless Integration with other Microsoft-based Services:

Business Central is a cloud-based tool hence it integrates effortlessly with other Dynamic 365 apps and Microsoft apps. It also extends integration with MS Outlook that enables the users to use quote-to-cash features within the message box. Through this, the user can create quotes based on the email and send invoices.

3. Native Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities:

Business Central also offers access to AI and Machine Learning capabilities that Microsoft heavily invests in. You can use these AI capabilities for the prediction of forecasts, next-step recommendations, decision making, and other analytical insights.

4. Easy Customization:

You can customize the solution to meet your unique business requirements with its in-client visual designer. With the availability to access Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, you can create custom business apps and workflows through the common data service for apps.

5. Consolidated Financial Management:

Which business Central it is easy to streamline all the financial management and have access to real-time visibility into business performance. Also, you can securely share the information and achieve control on the cash flow and the budget.

License types for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can revolutionize your business processes and the way our business functions. But this can you come along with the type of license you choose to access. The set of features you can access changes with the type of license you select:

1. Team Member License:

It gives you access to a list of basic features which includes a user interface, intelligence, and customization.

2. Essential License:

The users can access most of the Business Central’s features like management of finances, CRM, HRM, management of the projects, and supply chain management.

3. Premium License:

The premium license includes everything available for the above-mentioned two license types. In addition to this, you can access service order management and features for manufacturing industries.


It is very attractive to find new technology along with new features. With an upgrade to fresh technology, you have to make sure that the technology remains profitable while it prepares you for future endeavors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a rich ERP solution with extended functionalities and capabilities. But, you need to choose the right solution and license type, that aligns with your business requirements and goals.

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