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Good job, I noticed that if I click on deploy now from the view Edit Production settings, A deploy task is launched but I am in the same view so I ended up launching multiple deploy tasks without knowing so.
Another remark about "click here to preview" it dosen't make sense that I can preview the app when the deploy already failed.
Finally, a sucessfully deployed react app is not sucessfully deployed, the preview just point to a blank page.


Hello Hamida,

So I have forked your repository to understand what really happened.

From what I can see, you have modified the build settings (which is awesome), and updated the dist folder and also specified an entry file. From the way you have used the app, I got one more feedback :) The entry file is supposed to be the entry file for a server file but I believe it's understood as the entry file for the app. If you specify this, it will enable server side functionality. If you don't enable and leave this empty, it will simply serve the site from the CDN (no server side functionality). But obviously you can't know this because it's written nowhere. Tomorrow I will add some documentation to the config page so that it's more understandable.

The entry file you have specified exports a function, and that function was supposed to be an async function. So I extended the deploy api and now it also handles sync functions.

Here is the a deploy that worked for me: mhuysmeutdyjaara13dlxpmmytkl4kp9-2...

If you re-deploy your site it should just work.

Again, a million thanks for your feedback and trying it out. It helped me a lot.


Oh very nice point! I will improve this behaviour.

Regarding the click here to preview you're definitely right, will get that fixed.

I will check what really happened with the succesfully deployed app.

Your input is very much appreciated, thanks a lot :)

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