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Raphael Habereder

I've written a little bit about this topic on my post A rant about discussion culture on the internet

The problem we have on and many other platforms of the like, we have a "power vacuum". There are only ways to upvote/like posts. Nothing to combat that very rating in any way.

I understand the need to be inclusive, but by focusing solely on being inclusive, you more often than not exclude a huge chunk of people. In this case it's a groups of users with a higher level of knowledge on specific topics.

IMHO real balance can only be achieved, if you allow positive, as well as negative interaction on a post.
The moment you take one of these things away, in this example a downvote function, you will get unbalanced content. In our case the result is notibly low-quality content, since there is no "bar" to reach. The moment you post, there is only up.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the current system, but also no idea how to fix this, since every system can be exploited to a degree.
Though I do find the reddit/stackoverflow way to be the best, but that may be only because I am a negative nancy and sorely miss a dislike/rating button sometimes.