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Elm is the product of Evan. It is Open Source, yes.

But it's still his product. :)

When apple decided to remove CD players from their laptops, they just did.

Community contribution and even usage of the "Elm product" has no strings attached.

I think this is better in the long run. It's better for Elm to have ownership (Evan).

When too many people decide on product features, we get Outlook like products.

This doesn't mean you cannot express your opinion about things. But they're just that, opinions and discussions.


This doesn't mean you cannot express your opinion about things.

It means exactly that on Elm’s forums, which is symptomatic of what I tried to convey in the post. (I did not post on reddit, link was shared by another.)

Otherwise what you said is on point. It will also be better for us to have less risk with unstable decisions. But we like Elm so much, that this is all very unfortunate.


Analogies are only worth so much, but please note that Apple still sells optical drives. They didn't leave the optical market out in the cold. Another example: Apple stubbornly refused to accept right click as a mouse feature for many years, because a single click was more elegant, and their elegant design did not "need" right click. Totally their call as it's their product. But people just used other mice or means of right-click until they came around to what the market wanted.

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