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Discussion on: Using Python and C together

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Alexander • Edited

Thank you for this post.
[FYI: Ubuntu 20.04, Python 3.8] I tried it out just for fun but encountered some problems. I get a "permission denied" back when I run the install:

python install
running install
running build
running build_ext
running install_lib
copying build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.8/ -> /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages
error: could not create '/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/': Permission denied

I solved it by running : sudo chown -R $USER /usr/local/lib/python3.8

However, when trying to run the, it tells me "python not found". I tried running python3 build and install just in case but nope.