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Discussion on: PHP needs its own ES6

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Juha-Matti Santala Author

I disagree on both notions:

  1. I wouldn't say that in PHP it's only "a few functions not consistent". PHP has quite a lot of issues that stem from it not being built for this kind of use case originally but then being evolved on top of a wild wild west of weird standard library.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it was a valid choice at the time for Rasmus to name the functions as he did.

  1. I personally think that there's a lot of similarities - not necessarily in the languages themselves but how they have evolved - in PHP and Javascript. Sure, 10 years ago Javascript was also a mess. These days, it's a joy to write with all the new stuff.
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I've seen some recent JS tutorials where JS programmers make a pages/ directory and put about.js, contact.js in there and then do things like require '../utilities.js' for a dozen helper files - it makes me nostalgic for PHP circa-2005 ;-)