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Discussion on: New layout needs feed back

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Hamish Irving

Have you got any stats on traffic to mobile vs desktop? Checking it on my phone is a little confusing, what’s the difference between ‘All’ in the sub nav and just visiting the home page? Also I think the gidgitz having their own pages is redundant if they’re all on the home page, plus extra load time. The links in the sub nav could just anchor to the section for that gidgit on the page?

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DeChamp Author

So I am conflicted because I wanted all gidgitz on one page. But for SEO, everything aims at using a single page per gidgit. So I'm all for getting some assistance on that part. You're right, "all" is redundant if you have not clicked in to the individual gidgit, I can do away with that.

I also need to do a fix on the mobile view that has an overflow.

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