Reflecting on a MagicMirror Build

Scott Hardy on October 16, 2018

Introduction The Magic Mirror, voted Raspberry Pi's best project, is fun to build, moderately affordable, and provides a platform for further de... [Read Full]
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Any recommendations if you don't want to build the frame yourself because you don't have access to a CNC?


Hey Jonathan,

Good question.

I was looking at buying a sized frame for the piece of mirror I had, 14" x 24". The prices can get costly and you need to make sure you have enough room or a plan for mounting the monitor.

The other option is making it at home. Which still requires the tools to build a frame. The frame is the piece that can be what ever you want and if you order the acrylic mirror you can cut and shape it to make an easier lighter frame. Wood can be cut and planed to your desire.

There are probably more options or materials that could be used rather than MDF or wood, as long as its heat resistant (monitors without a frame get pretty hot).

Thanks for the question.


Hmm, good point. It would get pretty hot. Thanks.

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