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Discussion on: Unpopular opinions

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Hari Gopal

Frankly, I think it's silly for a language to force programmers to even think about indentation, because of how it affects its interpretation.

That's probably what I hated most about Python, back when I still used it.

Just let us use braces / brackets / do-end / some kind of clear indicator, and let an auto-formatter figure out the rest!

Thankfully, modern languages seem to come with a formatter built-in - refmt on ReasonML, for example.

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Keep in mind that Python hails from 1991 (actually 1989 but the first public version is 1991). I think it stood well the test of times :D

Though I can see why someone wouldn't like indentation to be syntax, but it's not that different from having gofmt indent all files the same way. It's also one less tool you have to worry about :)

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Pete Dermott

Mmmm... I just use Black with Python and it standardises everything.

Personally I find some simple indentation rules preferable to the million different ways to position brackets and braces.