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Discussion on: Updating RUBY in Ubuntu

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Hari Gopal

Hi Joshua! We Ruby devs usually use a version manager to install our Ruby interpreters. This is because we often work with multiple projects that use different versions of Ruby.

This is similar to NVM, if you're used to working with Javascript.

You have two options here:

  1. Rbenv:
  2. RVM:

Both work well, but I usually use Rbenv these days.

Install either first, and then use the version manager to install the exact version (and variant) of Ruby you want.

Note: If you choose Rbenv, remember that you'll need to install it and its ruby-build plugin - it's all mentioned in the well-written instructions.

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JoshuaWoods Author

THANKS!!! when Restarted it seemed to install the correct ver I built for source. in the tar.gz folder. I'm a newbie and I'm learing alot thanks so much.