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re: Should I use GitHub pages for my blog instead of WordPress? VIEW POST

re: Medium + custom domain (why do you want to handle the tech setup for such a trivial thing) Wordpress as static website:

Medium + custom domain will cost you 75$ which is more compared to other solution. And As mentioned in question I don't expect to earn money mean I want cost to maintain less as much as possible


You cannot get less maintanbility then a managed service, Medium in this case.

I forgot to mention the Medium fee, is true, but it's cheaper compared to the other solutions if you take into account (depending on the paycheck of course and available time):

  • how much money you earn per hour
  • how many hours you spend building other solutions, research, debug
  • how many hours you maintain for fixes, patches, exploits and so on.

Another downside of the Medium is that you have to respect their policy, that can change, so you cannot post whatever you want there.

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