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This is how my complete development setup looks like

Harshit rathod on December 05, 2017

Hello folks, Recently, I have Added my 2-year journey to achieve perfect development setup to my blog. Let's discuss what can be done differently... [Read Full]
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I'm glad you are happy with Linux, but the image suggesting that osx is a toy for kids feels so lame that I stopped here.


I have been a big fan on Linux myself and had switched from Windows to Linux as my primary operating system about five years back and have tried all sorts of distributions and desktop environments I could.

Recently I switched to a Mac but that does not mean I am not a fan of Linux anymore.

Even though Linux allows you to 'control' and 'command' your computer better, Macintosh is not bad either. To me, it is just a very well polished *nix operating system that you can use just as (if not better than) Linux. On the good side, I do not have to worry about my hardware supporting my wireless and display drivers every time I try a new Linux distribution, Macintosh is always optimized for the hardware it comes with so you can worry about things that are more important.

To add to it, I did not leave Linux entirely. I still have a Linux VM on my Mac with my favorite configuration and it's ready to use anytime I feel like working on Linux. In fact, Linux inside a VM on a Mac works faster and better than it did on my old computers as a host operating system.

You can refer to my post about my personal configuration. You can also refer to my configuration on GitHub to see how everything is still command-line driven on Mac as it used to on my Linux.

In short, Macintosh is not a toy, it just looks simplified but can also be a great operating system for a power user and can also prove to be more reliable in certain cases.


Can you explain a little further your GitHub configuration?
It's a very interesting thing you have done there.


Good to know that you find it interesting. What specifically do you want to know about?

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