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Discussion on: Is Game Devlopment a good career in 2021

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Muhammad Hasnain

Game development is an extremely challenge field with low reward. These guys are usually overworked and underpaid and due to bad management, years of work could result in a flop and thus hate towards the "devs."

It is also far more complex than web development could ever be. Not only do you need a great grasp of math but you would be usually working hundreds of developers on a codebase that has millions and millions of lines of code. The games we play today are behemoths and engineering marvels.

If you are going to write shaders and graphics you'll need even more math. What about AI or even ML if you want your enemies to learn. The chart you shared it a chart for pro developers usually working in AAA or near AAA industries.

Indie gaming should be done as a hobby, at least in start. You'll have to model things, create music, write story, dialogs, record dialogs, rig and animate stuff but people do it because they simply love to do it.

PS, I see you are 13. If you focus on your studies, especially Math and Physic, no doubt you can become a great game developer. What I shared were the things that I heard, I hope you become a developer and get to experience great culture.

Thanks for writing this.