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Why do you think Azure is expensive? Azure has a lot of free option which you can access from here

Also if you are a startup you can apply for Microsoft BizSpark with which you can get US$150 a month of Azure credits for a year and spin up anything, learn about BizSpark from here:

Also you get free Azure credits through Visual Studi Dev Essentials free membership and also IT Pro Essentials,

Now you can get the free B1S Linux or Windows VM with the free Disk and setup a web server with a DB server on it OR you can also do PaaS, like use Azure Web App and setup a DB either SQL DB or MySQL or Postgres or Cosmos (in which you can use Mongo). So you have a lot of option. With PaaS your admin duties would be almost non-existant and scale is easy with it as well.

You can do whatever language or tool you like Azure supports almost everything.

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