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Discussion on: Why I Don't Prepare For Job Interviews

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Josh Hawkins

For me, preparing is less about learning and more about practicing. I'm not compensating for years of education, I'm making sure that my years of education is all fresh on my mind and I can recall it easily. It's not cram study crazy new things and hope they don't ask tough questions, it's review what I already know so I have the ability to think and reason to the full of my abilities.

In that way, preparing so you can give your all, it's exactly what they need to see - what you are capable of. If they hire me, they know that I can be this person when they help me fire on all cylinders by inspiring me or mentoring me etc. And it shows, because I'll be much more confident in my answers because I'm sure I studied everything I know. So if I answer something wrong, I don't know it. If I answer something correctly, I do know it. They get the full picture of my knowledge and skills, and not my ability to min-max googling for definitions.