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Wild! I never got into window-tiling-managers, but have seen a lot of the people at my company use 'em now, like i3. Huge fan of the transparency, too, although it is distracting at times. I use Alacritty term with Neovim and the Nord theme: github.com/arcticicestudio/nord-vim, which surprisingly fits your background!

What theme are you using?


I tend to swap my colorscheme weekly, but thats just because I get bored easy..! At the moment I'm using snow but I've used gruvbox quite a bit too.

I was dubious of tilining managers for a while too - the main reason being because I was using a mix between mac and windows (wsl), and I was in and out of servers a bit, so I thought tmux was a better option considering it was very transferable. Now, however, I have a solid understanding of tmux and I can use it when I want to, but for my local dev environment now that I'm on Manjaro, i3 is so convenient. It only took me an hour or so to get used to and the speed I've gained from it is honestly incredible. Highly recommended.

I love tmux. I use it to manage all projects both for work and personal, and have auto-restore with resurrect and continuum plugins. I think I'll continue using it should I adopt a tiling window manager. Have you checked out Yabai? It's macOS-specific, so probably not worth it if you're still using WSL. I only do work on macOS. But I'm pretty inclined to dip my toes into it now. I was just watching a YouTube demo and the idea of pinning windows and auto-resizing are just so damned appealing...

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