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Discussion on: Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to Create OBS Plugins for Your Live Streaming Sessions

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Harrison • Edited

Anything you can do in Chrome you can do in OBS using the Browser Source. It's ridiculously powerful.

The guys who help run Games Done Quick put together a really powerful framework for creating OBS Graphics called NodeCG. It's essentially a way for you to create pages and manage them, and even having a control centre from which you can press buttons and such to control the information on the graphics themselves. What's great is that the framework is completely separate from the Page Content, meaning you can use whatever technology you want to create the Graphics. It requires a build step if you're writing ES6, but it's not difficult to put together.

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Horus Lugo Author

Wow! I'm going to take a look to that framework, it definitely sounds like something I may end up using for my streamings.


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