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Discussion on: How do you share your knowledge?

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Andrew Healey

Meetups! Twitter can be good but you need to 'build' your own community. Discord has some programming groups are a little more relaxed than Slack channels.

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Ofer Vugman Author

I like meetups in general. But most meetups I've attended sum up to a bit of mingling and small talk at the beginning then someone talks about something they did and their experience. After that there's also a bit of mingling and small talk to wrap things up.
But it's really hard to open a deep discussion in this kind of events.
I might have gone to the wrong meetups :-) but that's my experience.

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I've also noticed that meetups end up one-sided super easily. If there's an Angular meetup for people to mingle, it'll either be 90% people who want to learn Angular or 90% people who want to teach Angular. So you always end up in a room of people that know as much as you do, rather than in a knowledge sharing environment.