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Discussion on: Introduction to Android Lifecycle

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Hein Khant Zaw Author • Edited

You are welcome bro!
If you want to learn android basic, you can also check this repo from github!

GitHub logo HeinKhantZaw / HuaweiAndroidTraining

Codes from Huawei Android Training


Codes from Huawei Android Training

Getting Started

  1. Download as zip file.

github repo

You can also clone by using git

git clone

  1. Open Android Studio > File > Open

Android studio

  1. Choose a project from the folder.

Choosing project

  1. Run the project!

For future sessions

As I'll be adding more example projects after future sessions, you can git pull or re-download the repo But I recommend to use git because you don't need to download again and again every time I upload new code You can learn more about git here!

Here is the command of pulling the updated project.
git pull
This command pull the updated files and folder from the repo in github to your local repo in your laptop.

Details about each project

There's a in every project. If you're interested, you can find more about the project in those!

Day 1

Day 2