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Discussion on: What is your COBOL?

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Helder S Ribeiro Author

You're right that Go has heavy institutional support and a booming codebase that will have to be improved upon and maintained in the future, so it is indeed a good bet.

I'm leaning heavily towards functional languages though for my nights+weekends "everything but JS" time, so on the backend I'll probably go with Elixir.

At the moment I'm dipping my toes into Elm. I've decided I can't run from the frontend any longer, especially since I want to build my own products end to end.

I agree that the language is just a tool and metalearning is the real skill. But "fast learner" is a hard sell if you can't prove core competency on at least one technology.

And I think it makes it easier to show your work via open source packages, blog posts, etc. if you commit to one thing for the long run. I'm very prone to shiny object syndrome, so choosing to take some root helps balance out mastering with exploration.