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Discussion on: SQL Server Reporting Services: Lessons Learned from the Trenches

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Helen Anderson

Great article! Thanks for all the tips and advice. Since writing this article do you have any further insight?

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Ben Greenberg Author

Thanks Helen! Since I wrote this article I discovered the value of writing custom functions in SSRS and also SQL window functions, both of which ended up saving a lot of time in the execution of the reports.

What's worked for you? I've now transitioned away from SSRS in my work, but it's still a fascinating area!

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Helen Anderson • Edited on

Interesting ... I've been curious about SSRS but have never taken it for a spin. I've been using SSIS this year and never want to ever, ever again. ;)

I'm transitioning away from the MS world but really enjoyed the write-up and to hear what's been happening since.

What's keeping you busy now you're out of the SSRS trenches?