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Discussion on: What is Reactivity? 🀯

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Hemant Joshi 😼

Lol, I feel safe being a react devepoler as it comes to plain javascript, I wouldnot learn it😏;

Thank you great postπŸ’›

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Aswathprabhu R Author

Thanks 🀩
Frameworks and libraries make our lives easier.
It is also worth learning what they do under hood 😍

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Anurag Hazra

True, knowing how a tool works is beneficial.

i also wrote an article about it "Using a tool vs. knowing how a tool works internally"

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Aswathprabhu R Author

That's an awesome post Anurag πŸ€— Yeah, it is truly beneficial to learn the internals.

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Sebastian Korotkiewicz • Edited

One wise person once told me that it's better to make libraries than to invent new freamwork from scratch, because everyone thinks differently and everyone has a different idea for new freamworks.

And chaos begins to grow, every freamwork works differently and you have to learn everything from scratch.