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re: Google and FB are spying on you, its fine but China (if they are doing) its not fine for you. What a hypocrites...

This ain't something like Hypocrisy,
Spying is normal they need data's to train models, to learn about users trend that's all fine at a level where Google and Facebook rest themselves, but what about Tok-Tok?

China is using Tik Tok as a Poision in India, spying soliders activity and capturing border is that what Google or Facebook are doing?

Whatever the sense is You are not safe with your data, your country government is spying on you that's fair in side of Human Welfare and peace.

China is misusing the data to Rule over the world, Tik Talk also raised a lot issue with Carding is that what Google and Facebook did?

Also Facebook comes under a Clain of data leak and the investigations are going on in that but are you going to claim To China For Tik Tok? Or for Covid Spread no Cause you are Self Proclaimed Good Man, Right?

Also you can't cause you have a lot of time to call it hypocrisy rather then claims are knowing the origin.

Thanks You @Idress

Even if Google and Facebook are spying I have no issue.

That's the issue. Google and FB are fine with you as you have no hate towards them but to Chinese you have...And when was the last time you heared an action been taken again FB and Google ? they are US companies and just playing dramma on Media and showing to people that US cares and the rest of the world is privacy hell. Anyway you were asking for thoughts so my thought is these big brothers are worse than China and its just coincidence that you haven't face issues with them...

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