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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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Today, for many distros we don't need to use Terminal for most of the time. Examples include Linux Mint, Elementary OS etc.
All distros have Software Centre's, Browsers, Office Tools etc.
And also Linux downloading is also very simple and takes less space.
The interesting thing in Linux iso is, we can use it live without needing to install it.

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While I prefer a term myself, the guis most Ubuntu flavors use make it idiotproof, Yes that's one word. There is a reason why it's the most used OS in the world. It's around 15 billion devices running Linux, and if you count ios utilizing Linux Kernel (which makes it Linux too) Windows is kinda lonely.

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Soram • Edited

Are we still talking about desktop linux distros? You're saying "X is used in Y with Y being used by almost everyone on planet then X' (another product of X) is better than Z". This is very flawed logic in itself.

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Himanshu Pant

No, iOS and macOS use BSD, not linux. You guys really need to stop the hate. We understand that it's good, but like stop harassing people for pointing out flaws in it. It doesn't have very good support of Nvidia cards, the sound codecs suck, etc.