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re: Your job as a developer is to do justice to the design given to you by the UX/UI designer. It should be exactly the same. Ah, I couldn't disagree...

Yeah I agree.

But in terms of "practice", I think it will be a good challenge for the developer to create the frontend as similar as the design.

But in real life, yeah, pixel-perfect design should only be enforced on components level. Even then, the designers should discuss first with the frontend dev, because in the end, HTML and CSS should run in browsers, not just in Sketch/Photoshop, and frontend devs are the one who know/deal with the browsers' antics


In these scenarios, Before making any kind of decisions, one should consult Designers. But I understand the situation if a UX/UI Designer is not in-house. But as Hendra stated for practice purposes I still advise that. As it's a good habit to follow the designer's lead while writing CSS and making changes in design. But again if your designer is not in-house follow your instincts.

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