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Discussion on: Day 20 Of 100DaysofCode: Writing a OOP code To Read Text File And Find Number Of Word

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You can use this trick to remember when to declare something as a property, and when as a (static) method:

Can this thing you want to implement be described in terms of actions (e.g. read_file or write_file) or is it a descriptive characteristic (e.g. file_name or file_size)? In general, if you have a method that takes no arguments (other than self) in an OOP class, chances are you should declare this as an property.

But there are a few more differences you might not be aware of: for example you also wrote

def __init__(self,filename = None):
        self.file = open(filename)
        self.lines = [line.strip() for line in self.file.readlines()]
        self.numbers = []
        self.words = []
        self.num_occur = {}
        self.word_occur = {}
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in your constructor. (Notice that without changing any of your code you could also have written

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which would also have returned the same result. These are also properties! But they're not readonly, i.e. once an FileHandler object is instantiated, a client could (by accident) override fileH.words = ['hello', 'world'] (or any other list) which could be an issue if this results in unexpected behavior later. This list should not change unless the original file is modified. Therefore, by using the @property decorator you declare your properties as readonly and prevent these sort of mistakes.

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Durga Pokharel Author

Thank you very much

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You're welcome!