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Discussion on: I choose self-learning!

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Kasper Juul Hermansen

Great initiative, although I didn't understand a word from the vlog, I can only give my 2 cents on the journey to become a dev.

1) Don't only learn the easy stuff.
What do I mean by that? While HTML, CSS, and Javascript can be intimidating for a new dev, it really isn't as complex as say C or C++, so if you really want to have a great understanding of programming, do one of those languages.

2) Train all you can.
Spend most of your time getting the basics down, all those fancy smancy techniques and framework might help you get a job, but a great understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, will help you a lot more in the long run.

3) Have fun doing it.
If you don't do something you want once in a while you are going to burn out. Don't stop developing, but do some fun, easy projects once in a while to build confidence and have fun.

4) Don't strive for more than you can take.
Don't take on impossible tasks, that you think are impossible if you do kudos to you, but keep in mind that these tasks can be extremely rewarding for your dev, career experience-wise, but also just as damaging if you throw them in the trash.

Have fun & good luck


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Brenda Limón Author

I know this is a hard travel, but believe me, I enjoy every second of stress, every line of code, and yes! I'm not doing it to learn only the basic, but to become a developer who can build solutions. Thanks for such an amazing advice Kasper, I really appreciate it.

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Kasper Juul Hermansen

Good luck on your journey =D. I'll keep an eye out for you!