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Discussion on: Hacking BLE Kitchen Scale

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George Hertz Author

Glad you found this (somewhat) useful 😊 , so far I managed to borrow an the Android device from a friend and managed to take dumps of data that was being sent over the network. As well as tried to disassemble the Android .apk to get a glimpse of the packing/compression algorithm.

The current status is that the project is on-hold because I've exhausted the samples of data I have and I no longer have access to an Android device to make more snapshots/samples.

In terms of the hardware stack, for development I was mainly using Linux (Ubuntu) on my personal laptop. To take the samples I (had to) use Windows (due to drivers of the specific phone model) and adb + wireshark to snoop on the bluetooth traffic between the phone and the scale.
For testing the written code I used linux and noble npm package to communicate with the BLE scale while utilising the library I wrote to pack and unpack packets.

For the final use case I got a raspberry pi with bluetooth + bluez to manage BLE GATT protocol. Placed the whole thing in the kitchen (where the scale is) and it constantly scans for the scales MAC and GATT ID's, once it finds it, tries to connect and sends the measurements to my local MQTT broker from where I deal with the data.

So far the whole setup is kind of "listen only" mode because I never got time to take snapshots of the "SET_NUTRITION" packets to understand how they are packed.