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Discussion on: My First and maybe Last Blog...

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Haan to bro tu likh na hindi mai,

Bus baat ye hi ki jin audience hindi samajh aayegi unko ye technical cheezein samajhana hai.
Aur agar tu English mai likhega to tu jyada log cover kar paega.

Ex. Jin logon ko hindi nahi aati hai

but again blog likhne se kya milega wo soch,

Your concerns on spelling mistakes don't even care in tech field as half of the people fix spellings and Grammer in technical documentations for hacktoberfest.

Not everyone is perfect, the thing that matters how much people have practiced this.

People learning spellings in school are practicing English writing because they've worked hard and now they're fluent.
But you know what if you're older that 10 years your mind has capability of learning multiple languages.

If you want to go to that level you'll have to practice it and it all starts with just one blog and consistent effort.

Running 🏃 out of this and choosing hindi just because you don't know English or have the ability to form sentences is lame.
Focus on writing your blogs in both languages to share your knowledge for every people like you and for everyone who don't understand hindi.