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Discussion on: Can you become a developer on a team with no devs?

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Sarah Paz Author

Thanks Brian! And wow, that's an amazing and inspiring story to hear and I'm sure incredibly fulfilling to build a tool that kept your company operating!

I was thinking that even if this role (or potential role) doesn't end up being what I expected, the title of Web Developer would help me when I do look for other roles. So, pretty much it either is great and works out, or can be helpful and doesn't work out. There's a positive in both outcomes.

And yes, I agree with self-doubt being normal, especially with this potentially being my first dev role in a team where no one else can weigh in and help me with decisions. I would have to work on being more confident, while being open about my capabilities because I would not want to take on more than I can handle. Don't get me wrong, I'm up for it - but I wouldn't want to struggle and put the company at risk.

I guess what I'm saying is, now that I've heard a few comments about this being a possible transition (hard, but possible!) I am up for the challenges that will be thrown my way! I'd rather try with a possibility of failing, than not try at all. Also, sometimes people thrive when put in difficult situations, and realize that they know more than they thought. That's happened with me a lot when dealing with code. Feeling like I know nothing, then realizing I actually do understand. So this may be a huge growth milestone in my career, where I really put my skills and knowledge to the test.