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Hi Andrew, I recently wrote a post on dev.to about my dilemma about doing an online MS in Computer Science. Here is the link: dev.to/hiattzhao/i-m-35-should-i-g...

I was wondering if you have any advice for me since you got a MS in CS. I feel I might be too old for yet another degree.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Hiatt! I read through your post and I think you need to decide what ‘more’ means to you. I’m referring to this sentence: “I realized there's more to programming than web development.”

There were a lot of strong reasons why I decided to get mine. Like loving academia and wanting to research something at a deeper level. As well as the possible employment prospects.

Then again, while doing my degree I discovered what it is that I’m interested in and want to work on, and perhaps wouldn’t’ve without that ‘space’.


I think you are right, Andrew. Thank you for the reply! I will think about my decision in that way.

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