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Discussion on: Using Docker in development the right way

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Rob Higgins

I've been working on my own version of docker dev environments in my very limited free time (there's no documentation): This is basically where I keep my evolving dev environment, with vim/tmux/vscode/zsh configuration and shortcuts baked in. This is the first time I've shared it. Notable lessons learned: 1) create a docker volume first, run all operations inside that volume (I use a custom git clone command that saves repos by owner/project inside the docker volume), dockerize services and force them to also run inside this volume. HUGE speed increase compared to host bind mount. 2) To use docker in docker for a non root user, attach the docker sock to a different file address (/var/run/host.docker.sock), then after you start the dev container you run a docker exec as root, using socat to copy the docker sock to the normal location with the "nonroot" users permissions. 3) You can use vscode to attach to the dev container, or when feeling old school fire up tmux and vim with all my plugins and config.

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Venkatesh KL

Let me check it out