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Discussion on: Deploy Elixir + Phoenix to AWS ECS with GitLab CI and Terraform

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Aleksi Holappa Author • Edited on

I see your problem! Please place the .gitlab-ci.yml to repository which contains your Elixir + Phoenix application. It should be placed to the root of the repository.

Second thing, never push the state files publicly to any platform. They should be ignored with .gitignore, crypted with git-crypt (or other encrypting tool) or the best solution would be to use remote state.

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Tarlan Isaev • Edited on

Would it be appropriate if I use your Elixir application for the CI or anyone? :)

Jeez, that's right I completely forgot to sanitise that area, already added .gitignore file then will try to figure out how to push it to the remote state on AWS :)