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Discussion on: I use test-driven development every day, ask me anything

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Higor Rossato

How do you deal with not-very-clear-requirements in order to use TDD? I've tried myself a couple of times to enforce TDD in my daily routine but 7/10 I failed because the requirements for that task wasn't that clear or was missing something and I found myself going back to the good old "I'll add the tests later on" and of course I did but I'd still like to fully embrace TDD.

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Steven Solomon Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Hey Higor,

TDD is a great tool for declaring that a piece of code should do X, Y, and Z. If you don't know what the code is supposed to do, you can't write it, and therefore can't write tests.

When I have been in situations where requirements are not defined or missing key information, I have worked with the Product Manager to correct stories before they get into a team's backlog. I would sit with the PM review the story. If the definition was fuzzy, then ask for more detail. Once the story was mostly clear, then it could be pointed and picked up by the team.

Another way to tackle this problem would be to set up a way to get questions answered by your stakeholder at a more frequent cadence.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the question!