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Discussion on: The 5am {Hack}

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Peter Hoffmann

Sorry, I got kids. And a live. And tbh this makes me angry for so many reasons

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Dmitri Author

Got a 5 year old myself, and actually this is the only time i have for my own pursuits during the day. Sorry to hear you feel that way. 🤗

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Peter Hoffmann • Edited

I think what makes me angry is the fact that the article - as I read it - suggest this is an easy way to win extra work time. And thing is, you can't! Sleep is essential, even more than e.g eating. After one day of $yourIndividualNeed - 2h you feel as s**t. You time of the day is limited by the sum of your projects, some are bigger, some are smaller but you can't argue with the 24h cycle.

So while standing up before everyone else, a natural relaxation b/c you have the world to your self (unless e.g. you kids or your significant other chooses to do it as well), is an alternative to the natural behavior of just staying up late you should definitely consider, it's not a magic win. It's a trade with you self. Figure out what kind of person you are, and how your cycle runs. But if you have to finish something - even if it's just some stuff in the household like folding clothes and cleaning up the dishes - the morning club has one big disadvantage: It's terminated. As soon as your morning begins for outside reasons you're done. This might lead to stress but on the other side can help you to restrict the time you steal from your sleep budget.

So while I absolutely endorse your enthusiasm and applaud you for finding something that fit's you, I'd think the article could have won if you'd had an critical, reflecting paragraph. But perhaps that's what the comments are for.