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re: For professional printing, LaTeX is the best you can get. As an alternative, I use Typora, where you can format very well with CSS. For elaboration...

I wonder why people keep saying that

For professional printing, LaTeX is the best you can get.

Is there some professional publisher/printer that can confirm that, indeed, anybody is still using LaTeX. From the people I talked to I heard that Adobe GUI Products are pretty much the standard. If you want to talk OSS you might consider Scribus. Any other experience from anybody?


I meant more related to private users: seminar papers, Bachelore Thesis etc; most of them work here with Word, or just LaTeX. At the latest with elaborate source work or many mathematical illustrations LaTeX is simply unbeatable.
Of course there are still commercial variants here; I do not know if Adobe has a product, which is especially for scientific work.

Scribus is more for magazines, things like that; and not for scientific publications.

As I said, I can only recommend Typora because you can even directly enter LaTeX math formulas or HTML; the PDF output is acceptable if you refine something;

But as I said, a real alternative for home users I do not see when it comes to scientific work.
Companies / publishers use different software depending on their focus.

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