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re: Some thoughts on the labels we attach to ourselves VIEW POST

re: Yeah, legacy PHP can be a pain. We gained a lot with strict types. And the PHP project itself has gained huge traction lately. Also, I read a bit o...

Yeah that's really funny to, because I'm actually less interested in Strict Types , ( I prefer optional typing, because sometimes type errors are a huge pain in the dick and can create lots of unnecessary boiler plate ).

Untyped Laravel Code but using explicit imports is more than enough for fantastic idiomatic code. It's actually better because your controllers can be super thin and lightweight. You can build API's lightning quick because your not wrestling with compilers, preproccesors, and linters written by sadists.

Let data be data I say, you have to validate it anyways.

But the market for PHP just isn't there - so I doubt I'll ever go back unless someone offered me a butt-load of money to compensate me for lost future revenue for having the wrong technology on my resume.

Oh, I wouldn't go so far to say there's no market for PHP. As I said, it's making great strides. And I do think it's gonna be with us for a very long time.

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