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Two, hands down, with dataObj variable inlined and the method called something more descriptive. One is too obscure. I've been doing JavaScript development for over a decade and every time I have to look up the bizarre JavaScript && and || return logic


I would not call it bizarre and it is not specific to Javascript. You can do this in lots of languages like Java, C++ and even Perl.

The fact that you can use && and || as control structures is a consequence of short circuit evaluation and that is something every programmer should understand.

I do agree that these operators have not been introduced for this purpose and that this style can be less readable.


They are quite handy when you need to get a property nested in an object, like let foo = obj && obj.child && || "", especially when a default fallback value is needed.
But when it's used as a condition, it's a bit annoying and IMO much less readable at first glance.

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