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Welcome to passmefaster.net

Guess I have to be proud of it because it's my first job as a dev! It started life as WordPress and Native (now Standard) AMP.

For a newbie like myself, overcoming the lack of JavaScript for the mobile menu was a bit tricky.

  1. Although it's WordPress, I've still tried to make it as bespoke as possible.
  2. Themify Ultra theme, but using Gutenberg editor rather than Themify Builder.
  3. Performant design - Stackpath, Cloudflare, W3 Total Cache, etc. 0.2-second TTFB on standard hosting.
  4. PWA - simple progressive web app using stock AMP service worker.
  5. Charge monthly rental, but upgrading site for free as my skills improve.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome, guys. Thanks.

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