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This week, I...been kicking myself in the head to finish this ES6 section of a Beginners Javascript course. I'm down to the final 3 lessons involving Destructuring, Classes, and Maps and I will be done. Sidenote: all of it is confusing =). I've been using jQuery and basic JS for years, learning through work experience, and decided to take a course to try and better understand it all.

On actual wins:

  • I fixed 2 CSS bugs that involved a div layering issue that caused blocking of a CTA btn at mobile
  • I figured out somehow media queries were affecting my print styles
  • Finished all my mandatory work training modules
  • Helped a content author figure out some simple HTML errors in our CMS
  • Got a chance to watch Into the Spiderverse with my two young boys (great movie)

*** Update ***

Finished my course and got my Cert for Javascript. Now off to relearn what I just learned. =)

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