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Discussion on: Front-End Developer Resume Sample & Template (Word, PDF)

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Cedric W

I would say as a new grad, your skills (i.e. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Frameworks, etc) would probably be the most important as you normally wouldn't have a lot of work experience or relevant work experience.

I would suggest this order since you are new:

  • Name + Contact Info
  • Brief Summary
  • Key Skills
  • Education
  • Any relevant Work Experience (part-time/internship)
  • References
  • (The closer to making your resume one page, the better!)

Try to modify your resume to be relevant for the job you are applying to. Sometimes your resume can get in HR hell because it doesn't have the right keywords they are looking for. You can make sure you don't get hung up in HR Hell or whatever automated system by paying attention to the keywords in the job post.

Lastly, you can use a cover letter along with your resume, but it's not necessary in most cases -- at least in my experience. Hopefully this helps.

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Livan Jimenez

"Try to modify your resume to be relevant for the job you are applying to."

I always have a hard time trying to understand this. Could you give me an example on how to modify my resume accordingly? Like what sections should I modify exactly? My skills area? Info on my side projects that match the same text like "RESTful API, MVC, etc"

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Cedric W

Simply mold the resume to what you are applying can pull keywords and phrases from the job post to match, make sure that all your key skills match or match enough to what they are asking for.

For example, if you are applying for a web developer job, but they want someone that has experience in Java, Adobe Experience Manager, Bootstrap/CSS, Javascript, and HTML, you want to make sure your professional summary highlight some of those keywords, as well as show in your work history and/or key skills that you know them. This can help you to stand out and not get caught in an automated system that eliminates resumes before they are even sent to a human.

From Indeed
(6 Tips For Crafting a Tech Resume That Will Get You Hired):

One way to ensure that you stand out is to customize your resume to the company. It seems tempting and convenient to send the exact same resume to every job you apply for, but it can really serve you to spend the extra time catering your resume to each individual job. This can simply mean listing skills that you’d use as a front-end developer and changing them if applying for a DevOps position.


Read the job listing! Are there specific skills that are listed in the description of the position? Be sure to include these in your resume. Hopefully, you are applying to a company that doesn’t use keyword scanning tools to pare down their resume volume, but assume that you are and be sure to include all of the key skills that you think they will be looking for, just in case.