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re: Excellent job in regaining control of your weight. It's nice to hear these stories. I think it's important to note what exercise you were doing. I...

Also, I would like to post some before and after pictures. Let me see what I can find. When I started my fast I worked at Tesla and I have some images of me presenting at a meetup vs my latest pictures. I think If I can find those I will be able to show the results.



I will try to find better images! believe it or not, there is a 30 lb difference in those to images, at the lest a 25 lb difference.


Thanks for sharing Eric. I am a developer advocate as well. And my weight has started to affect my confidence when I am in front of an audience. I recently started IF and I am hoping to see positive changes as you did ! Well done and good luck with everything.

Hit me up on a direct message if you want to hop on Slack or Skype anytime. Would love to share or learn what you are doing each day!

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