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Discussion on: The online Javascript playground that will blow your mind

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Eric Bishard • Edited

What about StackBlitz which had also been around for a year or two. I agree that both are mind blowing, but Stackblitz has been around for just as long if not longer. Do you know how each is different? Client based vs VM based?

Both are amazing. One cannot be mentioned and championed without mentioning the other.

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John Carroll • Edited

So, unless you have access to some non-public information, codesandbox (repo started in Nov 2016) is significantly older than stackblitz (repo started in July 2017). Personally, I'm suspicious that stackblitz is simply a proprietary copy of the open source codesandbox (not that stackblitz doesn't bring it's own innovations to the table).

I also learned about stackblitz before codesandbox (via Angular), and incorrectly thought that codesandbox was copying stackblitz.