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Discussion on: Planning my career development for 2021

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Thanks for sharing, this was a very enjoyable read! I especially liked the notion of shaping small curriculum, I might steal this idea from you and try it out myself too. 😅

I am gonna use this opportunity to learn as much as I can from my new team members and at the same time try to boost my own knowledge on the subject.

Such a great mindset to have, I love hearing this from senior software developers as it shows that the process of learning truly never stops. Best of luck with this year's goals, you got this!

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

Hey Pauline, thank you very much for reading it, I am glad you liked it. If you build your curriculum for learning something don't doubt to share it here 😄 . Today I actually found out that my new team lead read this blog post, I felt a little embarrassed haha.