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Several things that have helped me w/ CSS:

  • Play with it in the browser console. It's a way faster feedback loop than edit a .css file -> recompile the whole app -> repeat. Also allows you to flip through all the possible values using the up/down arrows and see the difference.
  • Keep it succinct. Fight to express the layout you want with as few properties as possible. It's easy to make a hot mess with CSS; keeping the code clean makes it so much less intimidating.
  • Find a few good resources and keep them handy. For instance, the CSS Tricks flexbox guide. Don't be ashamed to keep referencing the same things -- there's a reason that's the first Google result for "flexbox."
  • Just write more of it. Don't be afraid to screw things up.

I still despise CSS, but those all made life much easier :)


Yeah I've been using Mozilla a lot lately, while trying to force myself to go into the console and do quick style changes!

The one thing I've learned is as you build as an engineer/developer, you learn how to better ask the questions you keep typing into google. Never will I be ashamed to admit I hit the same few resources for basic things all the time (like the proper syntax of a switch statement LOL)

Thanks for your response Hudson!

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