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Go doesn't have the libraries Python has. How are you going to live without the libraries? Unless you're proposing to use Python for things where you should be using Go or Java or C++ anyway.....how are you going to live without the libraries?


The thing is, Go has made huge strides in the libraries the past few years. Its 11 years old, it better be expanding or else be considered dead in the water. As posted in another comment, awesome-go is a great place for libraries and other things on Go. If that is your only concern, I would look into that.



Go has plenty of libraries for all kinds of things, literal piles of them everywhere. Quite a lot of things use HTTP APIs that are super easy to write your own wrapper for anyway.

No, Go cannot do everything. Neither can Python. They have different limitations on what is sensible to do with them, but I've found very few cases where I've thought "this would be neat to write on Go" and then have been stopped by lack of libraries.

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