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re: Turns out that a decent definition of Micro-frontends just got published on Martin Fowler's blog. I architected a fairly massive system that would...

Very interesting, I have heard that MicroFEs has a lot of overhead and quite a few people were against it.

To me, if a component library was built in a good way, then you would be able to extend a single component without worrying too much about breaking everything. That obviously depends on the complexity of the component. (I might have too many expectations from a component library though)

Thanks for the very detailed reply!


In addition to the Neil Green comment. Micro-frontends is also an approach for strangling a monolith application or evolving it using a strangler pattern. FE technologies evolve very fast and MFEs enabling steadily migrating an application.

I wrote some months ago how to strangle a PHP application to making it server-side and client-side render views using Vue.js.

True true, instead of refactoring the whole app, you start by converting small components until the whole app is converted. Definitely a good use for MFEs.

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